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Wonderful Space: A Unique Approach to Enriching Lives

I think many of us are looking for things that touch us as we read and hear about all the great organizations around the country that are striving to help others in numerous ways. Everyone has special things that are important to them either due to family health dynamics or just a tug of the heart from something new and unexpected. I experienced one of those moments this week when I visited an organization that has a new home in Northville, Michigan, where they are dedicated to teaching and mentoring teens and young adults on the autism spectrum and related challenges.

The Living and Learning Enrichment Center (LLEC) is a wonderful property that is fulfilling the dreams and vision of its founder and CEO, Rachelle Vartanian, who many years ago took on the challenge of starting a local social skills group in the Farmington Public Library for her son, who has Asperger’s Syndrome. Through determination and a great deal of financial sacrifice, she is leading the LLEC to become a model facility in supporting the highest quality of life for children and young adults that face unimaginable challenges.

Parents, caregivers, and adults on the autism spectrum seek LLEC for three important types of services so that their children can learn through experiences:

  • How to socialize and build lasting relationships

  • How to find employment and job training

  • How to live the most independent life possible.

My podcast today with Rachelle is an informative guide to the multifaceted programs provided by the LLEC and her model of the future for this marvelous campus, Mod Market, and IT Academy Training. Please spend a few minutes with us as we discuss many of these wonderful programs and job opportunities that they make possible.

One of the intriguing aspects of this endeavor is that we all have a chance to help grow and enhance the programs that are happening right now. You can be a part of this great organization and put your charitable dollars toward a worthwhile effort that will help so many families seeking a better life for their children. Please consider a donation to this great organization. The donation tab is provided here for your convenience.

Tours of the new fabulous campus are welcome. An open house is scheduled for September 24 and 25 for all to experience. Come see the Alpaca farm, lavender fields, bunny house, chicken hut, greenhouse, and much more. Please check out all the wonderful programs on the website and call if you want more information about how to become a part of this much-needed community.

Phone: 248-308-3592

Before you hit the podcast link please consider this comment that Rachelle provided from an LLEC parent.

“We thought we were doing all the right things for our daughter.

After her diagnosis, we enrolled in every therapy and program we could, but that didn’t fill the void left by being excluded from birthday parties and sleepovers.

When we found the Living and Learning Center, she finally felt included.”


Here are a few pictures from my recent

visit to the LLEC new world headquarters.

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