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What is 3rd Act all about?

In many ways, the last 20 months have flown by, producing some fantastic new friends who, through my podcasts and newsletters, have shared their stories of helping others in meaningful ways. I have been asked recently to provide my story and the vision behind the 3rd Act to the new friends I have met along this journey.

I know you can read about the primary mission and purpose behind my efforts to spotlight great people doing wonderful things on the website. However, I believe the best way to understand the reasons I feel compelled to push forward with this effort is to hear it directly from me.

I was fortunate to join Clay Boykin, author, founder, and life skills coach, who was kind enough to interview me on his podcast series, In Search of the New Compassionate Male, in February. This allowed me the opportunity to express the motivation behind the 3rd Act and the personal reasons it drives me today. Please learn more about Clay and his wonderful endeavors on his website

Without further delay, please check out my podcast with Clay titled ‘Energy of Do’ and let me know if it nudges you to kick it up a notch in your efforts to give back to others.

Have a great weekend, Roger N. Steed

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