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We Need Your Help!

Join me in helping my friend Kimber Bishop-Yanke’s Kids Empowered on the Move (KEOTM) win a competitive fundraiser sponsored by A Community Thrives Challenge for multiple grants and a realistic goal of taking the top prize of $100,000. If you have followed my efforts with the 3rd Act over the past two years you know that Jean and I have volunteered and supported Kimber’s nonstop energy to help families and children in Pontiac, Michigan, who need a helping hand.

This is an opportunity to get involved in a great cause that will make you feel good. This grassroots organization that began as a COVID pandemic problem solver by delivering food to those in need has now expanded, taking on numerous emergency response efforts to help hungry and homeless families with transportation, health resources, housing solutions, and much more.

Over the last two years, Kimber’s army of volunteers has made over 19,000 food deliveries and hundreds of deliveries of furniture, clothing, gas cards, special holiday gifts, and birthday cakes. In addition, with donations from her network of friends, KEOTM has purchased 5 mobile homes and housed over 60 kids and adults. And volunteers help support her Adopt a Family For Christmas and Easter programs that support over 200 families.

As a personal comment, when I think of all the worthy charitable causes we promote and sponsor with blogs and podcasts, I cannot think of a more deserving person that is walking the talk so purposefully to help families in need in Southeast Michigan. Her 24/7 commitment to helping others is unrelenting and rare in my experience.

Now the ask. We need all donations, large and small, to help in Kimber’s fundraising challenge. Grants are given to the top 3 fundraisers and the non-profit with the highest number of unique donors. Donations of $5, $25, $100, and $500 all can help KEOTM win the competition. Every donation from a unique email address counts toward our participation total.

Good News! Currently, we are in 2nd place among 434 competitors. We are calling on you and your friends for the final push toward the August 12th deadline to become the top 501c3 in this fundraiser challenge. You can make it happen.

If you feel the love, please forward this donation link to your family and friends to join us in this great endeavor. Thank you for your attention and support of this great cause.

Roger N. Steed

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