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Vista Maria: Best in Class Healing Resource Center

Last week, I had the privilege of spending some time with a wonderful person who is overseeing nearly 2000 volunteers at Vista Maria Treatment and Healing Campus in Dearborn Heights, Michigan. On the podcast, you’ll get to hear about all the great programs and activities provided at Vista Maria for young women who are dealing with unbelievable trauma and distress from horrible circumstances, including abuse from human and sex trafficking among other harmful situations.

I admit I did not appreciate the gravity of the abuse taking place with young girls in southeast Michigan and across the country. I promise, my podcast with Jessica Marcetti, manager of volunteer resources, is a real eye-opener and learning opportunity to increase our awareness and provide opportunities to get involved and lend a hand in a variety of ways.

Thank goodness we have a great organization like Vista Maria that is providing critical services to these precious young women in need of help. During our discussion, you will hear some tough stories of abuse, as well as some marvelous success stories of new direction and empowerment found by the recent graduating class of young ladies moving on to better educational and employment opportunities.

Please take a few minutes to hear about the tremendous programs taking place 365 days a year and 24 hours a day on campus, led by Jessica and her marvelous team of dedicated associates and volunteers.

Speaking of volunteers, Vista Maria is looking to expand their volunteer opportunities with a wide array of opportunities. Jessica, in her role as resource manager for volunteers, is the perfect person to explain the opportunities across campus, encompassing mentoring and foster care support.

Please check out the Vista Maria website for more information about their programs and ways to step up and support this great organization. Website link here.

Once you spend some time researching all the great programs Vista Maria provides you will realize that these services take support from all of us. Please consider a monthly recurring donation and join the Fearless Heart Circle via the button below.

I also would like to highlight a wonderful video:

"Celebrating Women - Sy’Riana’s Story". Watch below.

P.S. A special thank you to the marvelous supporters and volunteers at Faith Communities Coalition of Michigan (Connecting Congregations with Foster Kids) for my introduction to Vista Maria.

It is really great to know so many dedicated people are going the extra mile in our communities. Learn about Vista Maria and how you can help their marvelous programs.

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