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Turning Awareness into Significance

Last week I discussed in the initial newsletter for 2021 my desire to turn awareness and community expansion into a more active effort to highlight individuals and organizations that are doing wonderful things in our communities. I do believe our podcasts and newsletters have started a good conversation with you and the 3rd Act community to read and hear about caring people and organizations that are accomplishing great things in many regions of the country.

This year I want to focus more energy and attention on increasing the human and financial impact in our communities by spotlighting and targeting individuals and organizations that are walking the talk every week, doing amazing things. In my mind, the best way to increase our impact for folks in need is to attract more caring people that want to join a group effort to actually make a difference.

Over the last several weeks I have had meaningful conversations with several friends and family members about honing and refining my approach through the 3rd Act platform. A theme that came out of these conversations, all in a slightly different personal perspective, is that if Joe from Connecticut is going to donate meaningful dollars to an organization he wants to know how and in what capacity his contribution is actually making a difference. I totally agree with that desire and I am sure you feel the same way.

Therefore, I am looking at several donation focused options and plan to establish a donation focused entity over the next several months that will allow flexibility in gifting while providing a framework for small and larger donations. I am not planning to start a charitable organization and don’t have any perceived idea where this will lead, but I do want to kick up my efforts a notch and see if we can make an impact on deserving individuals that have the passion to get things done for folks in need.

I plan on gathering information and talking to many friends and acquaintances over the next several weeks to obtain feedback and hopefully some creative ideas regarding sponsoring good activities in many of our communities. I have no doubt that if we put our minds into a common objective we can come up with great ideas to help deserving organizations.

I want to make a couple of important points that continue to be part of my mission to spotlight and promote individuals that are doing amazing things in our communities. I like helping the individual and small business owner that doesn’t have access to large organizations. There is no question that this demographic within our local communities is, unfortunately, dealing with numerous hardships that will likely continue for many years.

I also want to keep an open mind about the scope and focus I want to highlight this year. I didn’t have any knowledge or association with Andrew McAllister and the Believe It Foundation before Jed Morrison’s introduction. Researching the organization and doing a podcast with Andrew was a treat for me and I found it very rewarding and motivating to have the opportunity to get to know him. I hope to have more interesting stories like Andrew’s to share and hopefully make an impact in important ways these organizations are giving back.

So, keep those cards and letters coming in with new ideas and introductions. Maybe, a new introduction in Austin will lead to a fundraising event this summer that we can join and make an impact. I would love to lead a group of donors to Austin to volunteer and have a hands-on experience we could see, experience, and report back to the 3rd Act community. You probably know that example could be anywhere we have an interest and an invitation to help out in a significant way.

I recorded a podcast last Thursday talking about expanding awareness and sharpening my focus to make a difference. I admit it was difficult to stay focused on the priorities for the 3rd Act this year with all the chaos in Washington, D.C. on Wednesday. My only purpose with this endeavor is to help people that can use a helping hand. My dream is to make a difference. If you share my desire, please join me in this pursuit.

All the best to you and your family in 2021.

Roger N. Steed

Episode 11:

Moving Forward in 2021

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Jan 15, 2021

Proud that my friend Roger is making a difference. If we all step up like that, 2021 will be a good year indeed.

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