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To Love Somebody

This blog is a little spontaneous stream of consciousness that flowed from a combination of influences which got me thinking about people expressing pent-up demand and wanting to experience live events again. Yesterday, I received two alerts about Willie Nelson & Family starting a 14-date festival tour and I suddenly starting thinking… I gotta make it to one of those events. I mean, any festival that starts with Willie then adds Sturgill Simpson, Gov’t Mule, The Avett Brothers, Nathaniel Rateliff, and Margo Price is a lineup that is worthy of my attention. I immediately started thinking about which venue I should try to make.

Now, we add in the crowd-pleasing victory of Phil Mickelson, who just won the 2021 PGA Golf Championship with a remarkable new zen-like attitude and purpose, buoyed by an enthusiastic crowd reminiscent of any British Open walk to a victorious 18th green. Folks, young and old, were all supporting the lefty’s remarkable achievement with probably the loudest crowd support since Tiger’s last major championship win.

To add to my collection of influences I was off on my after-work walk yesterday around the neighborhood searching on my phone for something to listen to and one of my favorite podcasts popped up. It is a podcast of an interview music producer Rick Rubin of Broken Records did with Barry Gibb of the Bee Gees earlier in March. So, obviously, I listened to the podcast again and it brought my mind right back into my little private listening room where I relearned all the great stories that Rubin draws out of Barry about the early days of the Bee Gees and the group’s development in Australia, London, and Miami.

I don’t think I am the only one who enjoys hearing about all of the people and circumstances that influenced their huge collection of hits in the US and the UK. The roller coaster ride of their career is unique and one that could only have survived because of their commitment as a family, not just a rock band. I also think I am probably not the only music fan who has developed an even greater appreciation for the Bee Gees and their legacy of great music and collaboration with other artists over the last 40 years.

I thought I would share their Broken Record podcast on my website this week hoping that you have a little time to take in the unbelievable journey of Barry Gibb and his brothers, Maurice and Robin.

One tidbit I didn’t know was that their hit single, “To Love Somebody,” was originally written for Otis Redding. Redding’s influence on Gibb was significant but his unfortunate death prevented him from recording the classic Bee Gees hit. I have also provided a link to a great performance from the brothers Gibb in Las Vegas that will likely mean more to you after you listen to the podcast.

I promise to get back to spotlighting great people doing great things soon, but I couldn’t shake the desire to share some great music this week and focus on folks’ desire to return to outdoor experiences.

Thanks for your time and enjoy your Memorial Day holiday!

Roger N. Steed

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