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Time to Step Up.

If you are tired of politics and ready to do something positive to extend a helping hand to families in need this holiday season, now is the time to make your plans. Over the next month, I will be highlighting organizations that have the experience and platforms established to reach those in our communities that need our help. 

 The planning part of your gift-giving effort this holiday season should be starting now so that you and your family reach the families you want to help. I understand the thought process of waiting until December to choose a charity because there are so many worthy organizations that need help. I get that and have thought that myself in years past. However, I will tell you from my experience the last several years, it is not easy to find the right charities that match your desire to give if you wait until the last few days leading up to Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, and Christmas. 

In today’s newsletter and continuing into December I plan to highlight organizations that have already done the legwork for you and have the platform of volunteers to make sure your holiday donations get to the families in your community in a timely manner. Please forward any information regarding your favorite charities and organizations that you would like to promote in the 3rd Act newsletter so we can highlight their efforts and good works over the coming weeks.

A few comments about community involvement in Oakland County Michigan. I was privileged to participate in a virtual community meeting of the Oakland County Task Force on Poverty and Homelessness recently and was impressed by the involvement of so many great people who are focused on this important topic in Southeast Michigan. Kimber Bishop Yanke is chair of the task force and orchestrated a timely session on what is currently happening in the county and the various efforts being made to help our citizens. Seventy-five participants took part in the virtual meeting, including State Representative Brenda Carter and State Senator  Rosemary Bayer who echoed the ongoing need for food, shelter, and clothing in our community as winter approaches. It was clear to me that there are many dedicated people focused on families that need our help. I believe this ongoing effort will allow for more community involvement, leading to more meaningful calls to action in assisting low-income families.

Take a look at one of our community volunteers working the farm at Forgotten Harvest. She told me that she picked all of the eggplants in her large container. Great job Vivian!

One of the calls to action that I find worthwhile is “Kids Empowered: On the Move.” They are organizing volunteers to sponsor 175 families in need this Christmas. If you are interested, it is easy to sign up, maybe even with friends and co-workers, to sponsor one or more families. This is a great way for families who enjoy shopping for kids to get involved. A special wish list for gifts, along with other needs for the family, is provided. Or you can sponsor a toy drive at your business, school, or church, and the Kids Empowered team of volunteers will make sure they go to a family in need. Along with toys and clothing, there will also be a need for wrapping supplies, including wrapping paper, ribbons, tape, boxes, bags, and gift tags. Anyone interested in helping organize the shopping and family wish forms please email or callKimber Bishop Yanke atKimber@kidsempowered.comor call 248-840-9858.


Getting Involved: 

Please take a minute to check out this easy link to sign up for the Christmas Program.

For friends and family that want to participate but live outside of Southeast Michigan, you can make a monetary donation at Band of Brothers/Michigan here. Click on donate and choose Family Christmas Sponsorship and they will do the shopping for you.


Please don’t hesitate to call me or include my name by yours on the signup genius link above and I will help orchestrate toy buying and Santa delivery trips to families in need. 

Check out these pictures of kids getting new desks that were built and painted by a great group of volunteers.


A great quote worth sharing...

“The best way to find yourself,  Is to lose yourself in the service of others.”  - Mahatma Gandhi


Special Podcast Next Week!

Please mark your calendar for our podcast next week.

You will hear a remarkable story from a friend that reconnected with me

following the launch of the 3rd Act. Mark Urness, a former Salomon Brothers

colleague has survived three live changing events in the past

eight years that will surprise and amaze you.

Hear Mark tell his story and I promise you will become a

huge supporter for his future endeavors. 

Stay tuned...

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