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Thanks for the Feedback

Do you know what makes me smile? It is getting a nice note or call from someone who heard our first podcast and wants to spread the word about our little growing congregation. I am thrilled that Kimber and the good works she is accomplishing on a daily basis is resonating with you and I hope to continue many conversations in the future about and many other initiatives.

Please check out some of the great pics from Kimber’s photo library that capture the effort and commitment she and other volunteers make every week. You may recognize from the podcast, the homeless mom with the red car who Kimber and her friends helped find a house, furniture, and some needed tutoring for her kids.


This week we are starting a conversation about a deep subject that deserves a lot of attention with the COVID pandemic affecting every corner of our society. The subject of our next podcast is mental health. I acknowledge that this is a very serious subject and one that only qualified psychotherapists are equipped to deal with competently. Fortunately, my guest has been helping people deal with serious disruptive events like COVID for over 30 years and is the perfect guest to kick start this important discussion.

If you want to learn more about how we all can learn to cope with COVID and get on with our lives, please take the time to listen to her story. I promise it will be beneficial to you and your family.

New Podcast Episode with Ellen Tabak will be available this Tuesday!

It's called : ‘Communication without Conflict’


Please join us on Instagram to receive timely updates,

cool community pictures, and memorable quotes of the week.


It was fun to participate in the2020 TrailblazeChallenge hike for Make A Wish

this past weekend. I completed over 22 miles over three days so I believe

I will receive a cool tee shirt for the accomplishment.

I was joined on Saturday with my family at the Kensington Metro Park

near Milford, Michigan as we booked many miles toward our goal.

Our dog Rusti was a good companion but limited our total mileage at the park.

Good time for a Good Cause!

BTW we raised $7,500 for MAW.

Thank you to those that participated. 


& Finally, I am pleased and touched that my son-in-law Justin Glick wrote and performed this song for me and the 3rd Act endeavor. Check it out below. I really dig it. Thanks Justin.

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