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Standing Up For Children

Compassion is a quality I admire and look for as I contemplate guests to talk to on a 3rd Act podcast. Fortunately, we have an abundance of compassionate people in our communities that are doing great things for the underrepresented segments within our states. A majority of these individuals never get the recognition they deserve for the time and attention they are providing to young and old that need a helping hand.

My guest this week is a talented attorney and caregiver who hit all the buttons on my checklist of good works and achievements. Lynda McGhee, Co-Executive Director of the Michigan Children’s Law Center (MCLC) deserves a big thank you for serving children in such a wonderful and profound way. I invite you to listen to our podcast and hear for yourself about the great work Lynda and her team are providing to children who find themselves thrust into the court system under difficult circumstances.

Let me just say, you will be amazed at the enormous amount of services that twelve attorneys provide children (their clients) and the care and compassion each child receives to make sure they have a fighting chance for a quality life. The responsibilities these talented people take on are incredible and the advocacy they provide children goes well beyond the courtroom. Please take a few minutes to hear about what is happening at the MCLC and learn about helpful ways we as parents and compassionate people can get involved to help children in foster care and child protective services.

Lynda talks about her talented team as a family that is committed to providing the best services and educational opportunities to all children who come through the court system in Wayne County, Michigan. She is adamant that without compassionate judges, attorneys, and court-appointed referees many children would be lost in the system and face a more dire future.

As I was doing research on the MCLC and listening to Lynda describe the wonderful work they are providing, I thought about my Dad. Now passed, he would have been all over this type of comprehensive wrapper of services offered to these kids. One of the great characteristics I heard often about my Dad, who was an attorney in Oklahoma, was his compassion to help others with legal issues and other problems that crop up as we all experience life.

MCLC has a Give/Donate tab on their website that I invite all listeners to check out. All donations go to families in need in a broad spectrum of ways to make sure families and children have the quality of life they deserve. I am going to make a donation and I encourage you to please join me in this effort.

Have a great day and enjoy the podcast, Roger N. Steed


A big thank you to Chris Murphy, Dave Turnbull,

and Tom Maniaci for participating in this fun event.

My only disappointment is that I did not receive a prize for my chip shot into the dragon’s mouth. Maybe next year.

- Photos taken at the First Annual Shades of Pink Foundation Golf Outing


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