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Rowing Together forPara Rowing Foundation

I am a very happy man today. The reason I am happy is that so many friends and family members came out to have fun and row indoors for the EnduRow Challenge 2022 to benefit the Para Rowing Foundation. This amazing global event brought together rowers from 30 countries, who joined together as a community to row during the same four hours last Saturday. I was thrilled that 25 friends and many Row House members joined us in this great event created by Steven Dowd in London.

I truly appreciate the time, energy, and donations that came from our participants and many 3rd Act supporters around the country. Steven indicated that our team, RowHouse Michigan LLC, was the top individual fundraiser for EnduRow Challenge. A special thank you goes out to Ashley Knuth, franchise owner of the Row House 13 Mile studio, for allowing our team to use her facility. The Row House staff and instructors kept us energized with great music and enthusiastic coaching that allowed our rowing time to fly by.

Most of our rowers had never been on an indoor rowing erg before Saturday, but the instructors were very helpful and with a few simple suggestions, we were all rowing to some great tunes, encouraged by their dance and motivational coaching. I know many of our rowers enjoyed the experience. One family member signed up for a 10-row promotional package. We may have created a rowing monster (haha).

I am pleased that we could donate funds to the Para Rowing Foundation (PRF). The PRF was established to support para rowers in the pursuit of excellence. Seeking financing, para experienced coaches, proper equipment, and transportation can take a great deal of energy and attention away from a para rower’s task at hand…training.

PRF’s sole mission is to remove barriers to the development of para athletes as rowers, and help them meet the demands of this high-powered competitive international sport. Please give to this worthy organization.

Check out the PRF website to become familiar with the mission and vision of co-founders Abby Gregory and Marilyn Koblan.

The team approach to this event was very gratifying for me as I think about more effective ways to bring people together for a worthy cause. Having many friends and supporters participate is definitely encouraging and gets the juices flowing about other compelling causes and opportunities to help others around the country.

All the best to you and your family.

Roger N. Steed

P.S. Check out the great pictures from the EndoRow Challenge, courtesy of Jean Steed and Tom Maniaci.

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