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Psychology of Gratitude

I am pleased to present a podcast today with a special guest that flips the narrative of fear, fighting, and uncertainty associated with a personal traumatic event and redesigns an effective psychological approach focused on love, resilience, and gratitude toward our amazing beautiful brains that allows our body a pathway of healing from an uninvited enemy.

Christina Costa is an amazing person and I can’t wait for you to hear her speak about her unique and refreshing approach toward an unexpected tragedy that changed her life forever. You will hear an amazing story of how a neuroscience student of psychology used her own research to change the narrative of her recovery and hopefully the recovery of others dealing with a traumatic event.

We will discuss her amazing Tedx University of Michigan presentation and her decision to share it with her students. What was the inspiration of her talk and what were the major elements she wanted to express? Finally, Christina has some good news to announce regarding the well-known Ted Talk website.

We will review her book, Kiss Your Brain, Diagnosis Diaries. Vol. 1, which provides her thoughts, poems, and observations about her journey through diagnosis, surgery, and treatment of cancer. It amplifies the importance of gratitude, resilience, and renewal that she is practicing daily.

And Christina will talk about the importance of her medical team at the University of Michigan-Michigan Medicine Multidisciplinary Brain Tumor Clinic who has helped her all along her journey and she will explain how you can donate to this great group of dedicated professionals who are focused on brain tumor research as well as caring for patients.

Finally, Christina provides a heartfelt comment about her family, friends, and new acquaintances who have helped her immeasurably through this traumatic time. I have a strong feeling that Christina has a lot more to say to others who are struggling with difficult illnesses and situations. I look forward to following her teaching and writing in the years to come.

Please take a minute to hear an amazing podcast I am thrilled to provide.

All the best to you and your family, Roger N. Steed

Kiss Your Brain:

Diagnosis Diaries

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