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Passion to Impact

One of the most exciting parts of following an entrepreneur and an organization experiencing explosive growth and recognition is that I have been able to see their successful development over the past year from my relatively new perch atop the 3rd Act. It is really fun and energizing to witness a young nonprofit organization blossom from a passionate idea to help low-income students obtain academic support to a real problem-solving platform that is gaining unbelievable traction.

My podcast guest today, Aly Murray, is the chief architect and co-founder of UPchieve, a unique organization that provides free 24/7 online tutoring to low-income high school students. It is my privilege to share the microphone with Aly and hear about all the exciting things that have been happening at UPchieve over the past six months.

Aly Murray

Co-Founder and

Executive Director

of UPchieve

You will hear Aly talk about the difficulties she faced trying to get help and counseling as a low-income student and how that shaped her desire to start UPchieve. Remarkably, she maintained this desire to help low-income students after she graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with a degree in Mathematics. She worked on the trading floor of JP Morgan for two years before committing to UPchieve full time.

This drive and determination are shared by her talented team and you will be amazed to hear about many of the competitive funding awards they have received over the past few months. Establishing a creative tutoring solution that works for both students and curriculum volunteers speaks to the organization’s technology prowess and it has caught the attention of both educators, corporations, and other nonprofits. The growth metrics achieved thus far in 2021 will amaze you.

Listen to Aly’s story. Learn about the tutoring platform and why it works. And importantly, become a supporter of UPchieve and consider becoming a donor to a proven solution that is truly making a difference in providing students’ access to tutoring and counseling. As we come out of the pandemic environment, education equality will continue to be a huge endeavor, requiring all of our help to pitch in and bend the curve favorably for students in need. Let’s all do our part.

Please check out the UPchieve website for more information. And, please consider making a financial donation through the link provided.

Finally, I would like to thank Kate Hoffman for introducing me to Aly and the UPchieve mission. Thanks, Kate for all your enthusiasm and support for UPchieve.

Thank you for your time and enjoy the podcast. Listen to the podcast here!


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