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Making the Most of Our Lives

I am pleased to share an important podcast I recorded last week with Elaine Grohman. I was introduced to Elaine last fall by a friend who thought we should get to know each other since we are both involved in a journey to help individuals through acts of kindness. I enjoyed the podcast very much and believe Elaine has a lot of wisdom and experience we all can benefit from.

Elaine is a teacher, author, energy healer, radio host, intuitive, and public speaker. She shares her perspectives about compassion and appreciation of Life, and the enormous potential we all have as Human Beings.

Elaine comes from a large blended family of 15, and is a wife, mother, and grandmother, and has learned her intuitive craft from years of experience, beginning with her work in hospice. Elaine lives in Southeast Michigan and offers her services to people through individual and group meetings. She conducts podcasts with guests on her show, Earth Wisdom Circle, on Empower Radio, and also has her own webinars available on her website,

Elaine shares on the podcast that “Spirit, Body, Emotions, and Mind are not separate-rather they are parts of one system that allows us to have this experience called Life.”

Please take a few minutes to listen to our podcast and learn from her experience. Elaine can be reached through email at or on her website,

Finally, you can pick up copies of her books, entitled, The Angels and Me: Experiences of Receiving and Sharing Devine Communications along with Spirit Awakening: Wisdom for Life and Living, both are available on

Listen to the podcast episode here!

As I have expressed in several recent blogs and podcasts, I am refining the focus, mission, and purpose of the 3rd Act to put more emphasis on helping those individuals in our communities that are making a big difference by providing essential services to folks in need every week. In order to make an impact, I believe it is important for me and all those that agree with the mission, to reach higher and kick it up a notch to increase awareness and participation.

In addition, I have refreshed my bio on the website to enhance the vision and desire I have to go all in to see where the 3rd Act journey takes us. I share my comments from my year-end newsletter where I expressed that my purpose to help others has many layers and it is amazing to consider all the threads that touch and affect the end result. I am excited to share the energy I feel to pay it forward and see what our community can accomplish in the years ahead.

In my mind the Building on a Purpose tagline has a triple entendre aspect to it in that it applies to me personally, the 3rd Act community building a collective purpose, and importantly increasing the financial impact to those that need a helping hand. If you agree, I know you are going to be right by my side accepting the challenge to make a difference.

Please check out the new look of the website with more surprises coming to encourage your participation.

All the best to you and your family,

Roger N. Steed

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