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Making Sense of the Spaghetti

Like a good movie, often I find I get more out of a discussion, activity, or book if I take it in more than once. I had the good fortune to switch chairs with my podcast guest this week and got a far deeper picture and realization of his coaching and mentoring approach. You will hear shortly, a thoughtful and provocative methodology from my guest, Clay Boykin, as I interview him, getting a better understanding of his counterintuitive approach towards helping men find compassion and purpose in their lives.

Clay has found his new purpose in a variety of creative ways. His life skills coaching, podcast series, and men’s circle fellowship meetings are all centered on helping men find compassion and direction in their lives. He has even written a book. Clay shares his story of finding peace and direction in the fall of 2007 after becoming totally burned out in a long career as a corporate executive, and wondering what he was to do with his life.

In the recording, you will hear a remarkable story of soul searching and the realization that helping others was his true calling, which led to this wonderful effort to help men and women come to grips with our complex and servant-focused mindset.

His podcast series, “In Search of the New Compassionate Male,” which began after the COVID crisis escalated, spotlights men and women who are striving to find their own purpose and personal mission in a variety of fantastic endeavors. In addition, you will be introduced to his counterintuitive life skills coaching approach which allows individuals and organizations to develop a personalized direction and purpose, helping them make sense of all the spaghetti and baggage that they are dealing with.

I believe you will really enjoy our discussion and may find a new resource for men and women who are finding themselves stuck or lost and can use a helping hand to find answers to some unfulfilled questions and dreams.

Before you listen to the podcast, I asked Clay for permission to share a video on his website called my Mandala of Life. I thought it was great and I hope it whets your appetite to learn more about his mentoring mindset.

Please check out his book that explains his personal journey, and the how and why he created the contemplative Men’s Circle, titled, “Circles of Men: A Counter-Intuitive Approach to Creating Men’s Groups.”

All of Clay’s podcasts and services can be found on his website.

Clay can be reached via email: Telephone: 512-971-2895.


Childsafe Michigan

Wanted to pass along a note I just received from Kate Thorensen concerning ways people can donate certain needed items to ChildSafe Michigan. She recently received a specific request from Monique Jackson.

If you would like to help out, contact Monique at:

Pkg # 1 for kids: $12 donation

Cantu Care kids shampoo (3.99)

Cantu Care kids conditioner (3.99)

Cantu Care kids Detangler (3.99)

Pkg #2 for kids: $12 donation

Cantu Kids leave-in conditioner (3.99)

Cantu Kids curling cream (3.99)

Cantu Kids styling custard (3.99)

Pkg #3 for teens: $16 donation

Cantu Shampoo (4.99)

Cantu Conditioner ($4.99)

Cantu Leave-in Conditioner (5.99)


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