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Loves a Challenge

You know that feeling when you speak to someone for the first time and it just feels so easy and natural, like you are talking to your sister or brother? That was my first impression when speaking to my podcast guest this week and listening to her tell her story and experiences growing up in Oklahoma, and subsequently why she wanted to move into the non-profit world as part of her purpose-driven life.

Lauren is not only easy to talk to but she is passionate about her job and wants to do whatever she can to help people in need. In her words, “I just love a challenge. You can call that my moniker. If the cause is a worthy one, I have no problem asking for contributions of time and resources.”

We all know that 2020 has been quite a challenge for all non-profit organizations with the COVID pandemic and associated economic stress. A great organization called Rebuilding Together OKC is helping seniors in Oklahoma City repair and improve their homes with a great group of volunteers and a long history of helping folks.

Lauren Sullivan is the executive director of Rebuilding Together OKC and has a great story to share about the strong foundation provided by the board of directors and the great work being done by volunteers and sponsors.

Please take a few minutes to hear Lauren discuss what is happening in Oklahoma City and important ways we can help this great organization. Personally, I really like the SheBuilds program, which is focused on women-headed households. Maybe it appeals to me because I have three daughters or maybe because it is the best way to build a supportive community network.

Before we move to the podcast, Lauren and I both want to give a big shout-out to our friend Tony Bumpas for the introduction. Tony has been a great friend since my freshman year at Oklahoma and I am blessed to have a friend so supportive and helpful to the 3rd Act mission.

For more information about the organization and the wonderful programs planned for the New Year please go to

Telephone: (405) 607-0464

Listen to the latest episode

with Lauren Sullivan, here.

Before we part today friends, check out this great song and video from one of my favorite musical groups, The Avett Brothers.

The Once and Future Carpenter - Seth and Scott artfully sing about finding our purpose-driven life that we are all in together. November 30, 2012.

Peace out!

Roger N. Steed

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