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Leading with Empathy

When you meet someone for the first time or hear someone speak that really stands out due to their enthusiasm and ability to draw you into a deeper conversation, you know it’s going to make an impression and lead to more conversations. That was my reaction from participating in a zoom call on housing issues affecting Michigan’s Oakland County a month ago and listening to my podcast guest today. I was intrigued listening to Charlie Cavell as he explained and educated the listeners on many of the important issues and problems affecting a large segment of our county, state, and country.

If you have an ounce of interest in becoming more aware and educated on the housing issues in Oakland County and around the country, Charlie Cavell is the man to listen to on this important topic. Charlie is the County Commissioner for the 18th district, which encompasses Ferndale, Hazel Park, Huntington Woods, Oak Park, and Royal Oak Township. He brings to his newly elected position a ton of energy and empathy to get things moving on housing issues, which he says are getting more difficult because of bad city and community ordinances that shut folks out of housing they desperately need.

You will hear on the podcast the reason he is so passionate about helping others fulfill their best potential and learn, as I have, what motivates him today. Charlie is a gifted speaker because he believes in what he is expressing and has a natural, enthusiastic manner to pull you into complex and thorny issues like housing. In addition to his position as county commissioner, Charlie also works at Habitat for Humanity in Oakland County and provides us with an update on the important endeavors the organization is focused on and opportunities for volunteering and donation.

Charlie invites all listeners to join his Saturday morning zoom meetings on important district issues with the link provided.

Also, I have provided a link to Habitat for Humanity in Oakland County. Please check out the wonderful ways you can get involved.

​Boundaries: The cities of Ferndale, Hazel Park, Huntington Woods and Royal Oak Township, as well as a portion of the City of Oak Park

Contact Info:

Meeting ID: 968 3520 7420

Passcode: 339718

Enjoy the podcast and please send back comments and feedback. I think it is important for me and I believe many in the 3rd Act community to get more involved in important issues like housing to make life better for those in need.

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