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Kindness is Contagious

My personal drive to put kindness front and center in my daily life was jump-started by a wonderful organization in Oklahoma. You may recall a great story that was sent my way by John and Marsha Waldo about Keaton’s Kindness Foundation or K Club. The K Club is spreading kindness to children fighting pediatric cancer, as well as funding local cancer research. It was the inspiration of Keaton Barrón and Kay Tangner during one magical hospital visit in 2018.

The K Club is going strong today, led by Holly and Luke Barrón, Keaton’s parents. They continue to carry on what was started by their son - to spread kindness daily and raise meaningful funds for special kindness gestures to children as well as research for local cancer centers. The Barróns were recently chosen by Parents magazine as America’s Kindest Family, which was revealed on 3rd Hour of TODAY on NBC. Holly and Luke along with their three sons talked about Keaton’s legacy and what inspires them today to be kind and provide joy to children, putting their energy into Lego parties and other acts of kindness.

Please watch the TODAY interview provided here to get a peek into the family that has made kindness a top priority in their lives, just as Keaton did during his bout with cancer. Please come back to see how you can help the K Club continue its wonderful projects.

To all friends in Oklahoma, check out a great opportunity to get involved as Team K Club prepares for the RED DAY RUN on October 23 in downtown Edmond. The club is working toward becoming one of the main charities of the event and needs more participants to register and join the fun. Please check out the easy-to-follow Register Now button under EVENTS on the website. What a wonderful way to meet the Barrón family and many of their wonderful volunteers.


Team K Club Links:

Register for the Red Day Run:

Kindness Website:


I have a personal challenge to everyone reading this blog. I can’t remember exactly where I saw this challenge but I think it is so much better than a fad diet or any other personal sacrifice you may have done recently. It is simply doing something kind for someone else every single day. It may sound easy but it does take some thought and your day can get away from you with other activities. I am doing my best with my own challenge and believe it is providing a good and healthy mindset to finish each day.

Have a great weekend and enjoy your family,

Roger N. Steed

"Legacy is not leaving something for people.

It’s leaving something in people."

If you're looking to learn more about the Barrón family,

please enjoy this wonderful video.

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