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Kate Hoffman Introduces UPchieve: The Right Service for The Right Time

It is really exciting seeing people I know doing great things to enhance the lives of others. A new 24/7 online tutoring service that Kate Hoffman, my niece, introduces to our audience today is a wonderful example of the passion and innovation many people have helping others. 

Kate is helping UPchieve spread the word of this terrific service that assists high school students struggling with STEM academics - Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics - to successfully pass classes and examinations. On the podcast today, Kate discusses the need to close the opportunity gap that exists in the U.S. educational system. 

UPchieve, founded by Aly Murray, is definitely the right service at the right time, filling a need by many low-income families who need resources to help their children prepare for higher education. 

As you will hear from Kate, this free tutoring service is totally volunteer-based and is making amazing progress in helping students move ahead. UPchieve, an ed-tech nonprofit is growing quickly and needs our help to build its staff and infrastructure in order to reach more underserved students and enhance their opportunities for success. 

Aly Murray is amazing. Her team of executives and advisors are looking ahead to help more and more students as they expand their curriculum and work hard with sponsors and educational communities to increase their resources. 

Please check out this recent interview with Aly on CBS New York.…

  The UPchieve vision is to ensure every student in the U.S. has access to the academic support they need to succeed - anytime, anywhere. They aspire to use their technology in an effort to close the opportunity gap for underserved students.

     Your donation today will help Aly and her team attract even more talented staff and thereby reach even more students. All donations are appreciated!

    In addition, UPchieve is launching a cool new donor appreciation program called School Heroes. If you commit to an annual gift of $5,000 (the cost to support one new high school partnership) you will receive special donor reports, meeting updates, and other perks. So think about becoming a School Hero today!

I know many in our audience, place education at the top of their national priorities. Please take a few minutes to listen to this informative podcast and learn more about this terrific service that is making a difference. 


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