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Just Like Me. Just Like You. Bridge the Gap to Inclusion.

I am really pumped about the podcast for next week. Over a month ago I was introduced to Andrew McAllister by Jed Morrison, a fraternity brother that lives in San Antonio, Texas. Jed suggested that I consider doing a newsletter or podcast with Andrew and his foundation for the 3rd Act. As I talked to Andrew and started doing a little homework on the Believe It Foundation, I knew instantly that I wanted to do whatever I could to support and sponsor his great organization.

The good news is that Andrew agreed to do a podcast. The better news is that you will have the opportunity to hear Andrew talk about the accomplishments and good works that his foundation is doing to help physically challenged children.

The principal reason Andrew launched his foundation and is helping to promote the inclusion of physically challenged youth into mainstream activities is that he grew up with physical limitations himself and knows the hardships and isolation that many children experience in school and social activities. You will hear Andrew’s passion and mission to help young people who often feel isolated and ostracized from activities. His experience attending the University of Texas-Austin prompted his drive and determination to launch the Believe It Foundation.

The vision of the foundation is to inspire all physically challenged youth to believe in themselves through sharing experiences with peers and families, making social inclusion the norm. Since 2008, Andrew and the Believe It Foundation have provided these young people with close to 3,000 extracurricular inclusion activities and served over 4,000 with in-school events with their typical peers.

Andrew and his supporters are raising the bar for the organization and for the entire San Antonio community, aiming to make San Antonio the most inclusive city in the US and a model for other cities. They have a robust strategic plan to expand their activities to more schools and provide a mentoring infrastructure to help these students transition from high school to college and into careers. One final thought…

I want to help Andrew and the foundation purchase adaptable bikes for their inclusion activities. I know after you watch the video below of Andrew and his good friend, Ross Ormond, as they prepare for their third marathon, you will be touched like I was and want to step up and help. Please take a few minutes and join me in this effort…


The episode with Jannie Eddins is available now!

Jannie discusses in her own energetic way the IDK Foundation focused on teaching inner-city youth better nutrition habits and encourages fun exercise through outdoor activities.

Importantly, don’t forget to volunteer and donate to IDK Foundation Christmas gift event on Tuesday, December 22nd in Dallas, Texas.


Tis the season for giving! Now more than ever, charities need our help. So, we wanted to do something to ensure our Spotlight Organizations get an extra boost this Holiday season. There are 2 ways to enter our giveaway: Option 1: Donate Funds Option 2: Donate Time All you have to do is send us a copy of your donation receipt or proof that you've pledged your time to volunteer at one of our Spotlight Organizations & you'll be entered into the draw. A winner will be chosen at random & will receive a $500 Visa Gift Card and a $500 donation to the charity of their choosing.

The deadline for entry is December 23rd, 2020 at 11:00pm EST. Winner will be announced on December 25th. No better time of the year than the Holiday season to realize just how good giving can feel. Send your donation receipts or proof of volunteer pledge to Please feel free to send to your friends and family as well - the more the merrier!


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