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I am excited this week to promote and spotlight a podcast with a terrific guest who is passionate about helping inner-city kids live a healthier lifestyle. Jannie Eddins, an author, physical fitness coach, and certified personal trainer in Dallas, Texas, turned her knowledge and training in the fitness and health arena into a vital non-profit organization that is helping hundreds of kids discover and maintain healthier nutritional habits.

IDK, which stands for I Didn’t Know, reflects Jannie’s upbringing and strong desire to help inner-city youth develop better eating and fitness habits. As a young African American woman, she realized that her environment prevented her from learning healthy eating habits. How could her family and community live a healthy lifestyle if they DIDN’T KNOW how?

The IDK Foundation’s mission is to address the prevention of obesity and chronic disease by teaching these young people fun exercises and good nutrition while helping to improve self-esteem and reinforcing positive thinking. On the podcast, you will hear a great story that includes numerous programs that provide children with new experiences and interesting field trips. All are supported by sponsors, including a few sports stars.

Importantly, Jannie and her volunteers are planning a major gift-giving event for children on Tuesday, December 22nd, that deserves our attention. Taking special care because of the COVID environment, Jannie explains to me the new and timely changes to her holiday gift program this year.

Let's all help these kids by donating here.

Visit their website here.

Along with the fantastic foundation that Jannie is leading to help children, she is also active with her company, Hands on Training & Therapy, which provides one-on-one coaching and training for clients in the Dallas area. On the podcast, we will discuss healthy habits we all can use to get our bodies and mental state in the best possible place to start 2021.

A great stocking stuffer idea for your loved ones this Christmas is Jannie’s book “Jannie’s Fitness Rehab to Clean Eating” which can be found on Amazon or other online book outlets. A percentage of the proceeds from book sales goes to help children lead healthier lives. I have already asked Santa for an autographed copy.

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