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Hope and Redemption

 I have been looking forward to this podcast for over a month, after my guest confirmed he would participate in my podcast series and discuss the wonderful work taking place at the Grace Centers of Hope in Pontiac, Michigan. Many of you know that the first charitable organization I highlighted in July was Grace Centers and I was thrilled when Pastor Kent Clark agreed to take the time to provide an update of the numerous programs taking place and how the organization is dealing with this very unusual year full of stress, anxiety and lives turned upside down. 

      Pastor Clark and his team of executives and volunteers continue to focus on improving lives through faith-based programs that are transforming lost and desperate individuals dealing with addiction and alcoholism, into productive citizens who are finding new meaning and purpose in their lives. 

       As you will hear in more detail, the 1-year life skills program has produced extraordinary miracles in many lives over the past 20 years and continues to graduate men and women who have developed these skills and established new life principles to aid them in the future. 

      As we enter the holiday season, the need for meals, shelter, clothing, and program expenses continues to rise, and therefore it is time to step up and help out.  Please check out the GCH annual Night of Hope bulletin on their website. This year the event is virtual and will be held on Thursday, November 19, at 7:00 PM. It is easy to sign up to become a sponsor for many worthy endeavors such as education, childcare, and enrichment activities like camps, field trips, and arts and crafts.

 Before we go to the podcast, please think about volunteering your time and skills to help provide meals, tutoring, and work in Little Grace Village, help at the Hands of Hope daycare, and, importantly, help support their four thrift stores across metro Detroit.

Get Involved!


For questions about volunteer opportunities, please contact

Cody Pesavento, Volunteer Coordinator,

Host a Fundraiser:

GCH greatly appreciates our friends and donors in the community who wish to host fundraising activities. For the holiday season, Misty Phillips, Director of Donor Relations, is ready to help anyone looking to host a “Party with a Purpose” event with clothing and financial donations as a great way to help support many of the wonderful programs at Grace Centers. Please don’t hesitate to contact Misty

 Now, without further delay, please take a moment to listen to a great man, the lead shepherd and CEO of Grace Centers,Pastor Kent Clark.

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