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Healing Breast Cancer Survivors: Shades of Pink Foundation

The financial burden faced by breast cancer survivors is often crippling and leaves many women vulnerable to serious financial difficulties. Even if a survivor is lucky enough to have health insurance, other costs including mortgage payments, utility bills, and even monthly grocery bills add up and can force survivors to deplete all of their savings during recovery. Thank goodness we have an organization in Michigan that was founded by individuals who share the desire to help these women in financial distress.

The Shades of Pink Foundation (SOPF) has been addressing these very real problems since 2005 and I am proud to support the foundation and hope you too will consider supporting this great organization.

Consider that more than 9,000 Michigan residents are diagnosed with breast cancer every year. Of those diagnosed: 3,200 will face significant difficulty paying healthcare costs, 2,640 will have problems affording necessary cancer medications, 2,000 will use up all of their personal savings for medical bills and 800 will be forced to file for bankruptcy. These are real people with real problems. SOPF has a comprehensive program in our community that works with individuals, businesses, and organizations to provide assistance to patients in need.

The 3rd Act is proud to be a Pink Corporate Sponsor for the 1st Annual Charity Golf Outing on Monday, July 19. Co-chairs of the outing Chris Gillespie and Susan Wayde are working hard to make it a fun event, with the ultimate goal to raise $75,000 for grants to help survivors meet stifling medical and living expenses. Please consider a financial donation to SOPF at the link provided here…..

Importantly, to understand the financial strain and difficulty breast cancer survivors deal with, I would like to spotlight a video from the SOPF website. Please take a moment to hear about the great support provided to Sarah from this wonderful organization.

Growth and change can be painful,

but nothing is as painful as being stuck

somewhere you don’t belong.

-Maria Shriver


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