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Get to Know Rev. Rochelle Beckemeyer

It is remarkable how much I learn when I do a podcast with an individual that is going the extra mile to help others. Every conversation is another illustration of the tremendous energy and drive of talented folks who felt the nudge to get involved and make a difference. The podcast you will hear shortly certainly amplifies this. Please take a few minutes to hear a story that is still unfolding in many amazing acts of kindness.

Rochelle Beckemeyer is an extraordinary caregiver to a segment of our community that often doesn’t get enough attention and care. You will be amazed as you hear her story of how her life and faith have taken on a wonderful new dimension by helping young adults struggling with mental illness and cognitive disabilities.

I refrain from telling too much about Rochelle in my preview but, just as a setup, please visualize one person who is employed at Chrysler (now Stellantis) and senior pastor of Echo Christian Fellowship in Lake Orion, Michigan. Add to those full-time roles the fact that she is a guardian to five mentally challenged young adults, and subsequently started the non-profit, Safe and Sound Ministries, with her daughter Sabrina.

Often I feel that 30 minutes is not enough time to bring out all the great stuff so many gifted people are willing to share with us. This is certainly my feeling following my research and conversation with Rochelle.

Once again, please join me as we learn all the special care being extended by a very special person. Enjoy the podcast…

Roger N. Steed


Safe & Sound Ministries is a 501c3 nonprofit corporation formed in 2019 to assist with the quality of life of mentally ill and/or special needs individuals. Our services include or will include housing and/or housing advocacy, healthcare treatment advocacy, training and support for guardians of legally incapacitated or developmentally disabled individuals, and support for mentally ill individuals who are or have been incarcerated to improve recidivism in our community.

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