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Finding Benevolence

You know I like good stories and this one is incredible. One of the reasons it resonates with me so strongly is that I could see myself and many of my friends in a similar pattern of life, in need of some course correction in order to get on a path of compassion and empathy for others. 

The course correction that Mark Urness has made in his life is wonderful to hear and a great example of taking life’s challenges and turning them into something meaningful and benevolent for the rest of your life. 


Mark is a friend and colleague who I worked with at Salomon Brothers in New York years ago. As you will hear, his story, which he shared with me after reading my first newsletter launching the 3rd Act, has a freaky similarity to mine.  His resolve and faith in God helped him to survive three significant challenges in the last eight years, while also improving his relationship with his family, and increasing his desire to give back to others. 


Mark is a testament to the power of transformation, taking three incredible life-quakes and turned them into something good and purposeful that is impressive to hear and great to share with our community. 


If you are having doubts about divine intervention, take a few minutes to hear Mark describe the remarkable people who happened to be on this isolated Lake Michigan beach. It will blow you away.


In Mark’s words, the daily power of prayer, meditation, community, and treatment has allowed his family to see their future focused on compassion and the pursuit of helping others. 


Thank you Mark for sharing your story. Thank you for reconnecting.

Mark shared information about a few noteworthy

organizations that he and his wife, Fina, are involved with.

Please take a minute to check them out. 

Explorers Bible Study

One of the ways that Mark has immersed himself in studying the Word of God is through iStudy, an online Bible study that is affiliated with Explorers.

It is held weekly via Zoom and typically supports 10-15 participants in your area.

Mark highly recommends it and believes it has made a huge

difference in his outlook on life.

Benzie Area Christian Neighbors

BACN is a food pantry and resource center in Benzie County Michigan, one of the poorest counties in the state. In collaboration with donors, it provides food, clothing, financial assistance, education, and social support to those in need. Fina has been a volunteer and is amazed at how well it is run and how successful they have become in helping those families in need.

Madre Maria Luisa Foundation

A foundation run by a Catholic nun that provides health, education, and daily meals to 400 children in a poor slum in Caracas, Venezuela. For 22 years, Madre Maria has brought hope and assistance to hundreds of children in one of the poorest areas of Caracas. Fina is from Venezuela and the Urness family has been supporting this foundation for many years. 

MD Anderson Cancer Center 

MD Anderson is one of the nation’s best cancer treatment centers in Houston, Texas. Mark has been supporting them for many years after seeing the treatment a friend received with colon cancer. Mark’s experience with Dr. Christopher Logothetis was lifesaving and his accolades for his treatment of prostate cancer is one of extreme professionalism and insight.



Listen to the latest episode

with Mark Urness, here.


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