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Entrepreneurship to Help Others

This is one of those weeks when I am really happy to be writing an introduction to a podcast I was fortunate to host last Friday. My mind is all over the place as I try my best to express my gratitude and good fortune to introduce Justin and Alexis Black to the 3rd Act community. Their story provides so much inspiration and drive to serve others that you have to hear it for yourself to get the entire picture.

You are about to hear from two remarkable people who separately survived abusive childhood experiences, then joined together to become an unbelievable power couple. They are just getting started in building a set of budding businesses designed to help youth and adults find solutions in the foster care system.

I know after you hear from Justin and Alexis you will join the growing charge of amazing supporters who realize they are special and definitely have something to say about how to deal with and redefine one’s identity from a difficult life of trauma and abuse. It is rare to hear authentic commentary about difficult childhood experiences, but Justin and Alexis are willing to share their journey with all of us.

To get the full account of their story you should pick up a copy of their incredible book, Redefining Normal---How Two Foster Kids Beat the Odds and Discovered Healing, Happiness and Love. I just saw a note as I was writing this blog that Justin and Alexis received the 2021 distinguished favorite for memoir from the NYC Big Book Award. Please use the Amazon link below to order your copy.

I have also included a link to their new audiobook just out this month. The audiobook is designed to reach a broader audience of students and older adults who find an audiobook an easier way to understand concepts through conversation and favorable advice for anyone looking to find their own identity.

Another great endeavor and business Justin is leading is the ROSE Empowerment Group. ROSE stands for Rising Over Societal Expectations. Justin is a positive role model who is committed to showing youth and adults the effect they can have on their local and global communities by understanding the power in themselves and their communities. You will want to hear Justin talk about his ROSE from Concrete podcast series that highlights guests who share their experiences growing up in black and brown communities. These enlightening podcasts are really impactful and show off Justin’s journalistic pursuit to be constantly learning and relearning. For information, go to Email:

You will be amazed at all the wonderful initiatives Justin and Alexis are working on and how they are growing ‘Redefining Normal’ into an eco-system of businesses all designed to help youth and caring adults learn successful steps and processes to help foster care kids and any child that is suffering from horrible family circumstances.

Please take a few minutes to become familiar with Justin and Alexis Black. They are making a positive difference in our world.

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Two Foster Kids that Beat the Odds


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