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I had an experience recently that allowed me to share more of my journey that led to the 3rd Act endeavor. Clay Boykin, a terrific guy and interviewer, indulged me with an opportunity to go back in time and talk about the genesis of my story, from a fraternity outing yeas ago to my recent bout with COVID last March. Clay’s podcast and coaching venture in Austin, Texas, titled “In Search of the New Compassionate Male” has a large following across the country. It explores and amplifies stories of folks finding new meaning in their lives through different avenues of giving back to others. I was fortunate to be introduced to Clay through a mutual friend in Michigan and was pleased to be able to tell more of my story and why I believe the 3rd Act can truly become a meaningful effort to allow more compassionate friends to join together to make a difference for those that can use a helping hand.

You will not be surprised to hear that I used my 50 minutes with Clay to talk about many of my previous podcasts and blogs highlighting great people doing great things every week. One project which I highlighted last week was my podcast with Kimber Bishop Yanke and her new Book Buddy Program that is off to a great start and receiving some encouraging calls and donations. Remember that the more donations Kimber receives through her Kids Empowered: On the Move charitable effort, the more books she can buy, the more children she can reach, and the more volunteers she can recruit to join this great endeavor. Please give by donating to Surviving the Social Jungle with the link provided.

The podcast with Clay also allowed me the opportunity to express my dream and desire to make 2021 a great year from the standpoint of targeting several individuals and organizations that are accomplishing great things in many communities across the country, with the hope of creating a joint effort to get more folks involved, and in Clay’s words, “be a part of something greater than yourself.” I hope my dream becomes reality and we become involved in projects that get you excited to help out.

I have asked Clay to return the favor and do a podcast with me in a couple of weeks, so you will hear his story firsthand. His journey has allowed him to have conversations with many interesting men and women across the U.S. and internationally, illustrating his dedication to make the world a better place by cultivating compassion among men.

I will close with a quote Clay provided from Viktor Frankl, author, psychiatrist, and holocaust survivor that has meaning to me, “he who has the why to live, can endure almost any how to live.” If you feel the same tug to get involved by helping others please listen to our podcast and hopefully we can encourage you to kick it up a notch.

Talk to you soon,

Roger N. Steed

Watch my interview with Clay below:

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