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Cannolis For A Cause

I am an enthusiastic supporter of Sandy Mals and The Good Eggs Foundation so I wanted to pass along information for an event they are doing on September 9th. The details of the event are provided below, as well as a link to listen to a wonderful conversation with Sandy from a podcast episode a few months back.


If you feel the love, please forward this email to your family and friends promote this great event.

Thank you for your attention and support.

Roger N. Steed

Enjoy the latest blog from The Good Eggs Foundation below...


Encouraging Our Young People!

Welcome to The Good Eggs Blog - encouraging Virtues, Diversity, and Service into our young people! My name is S. (Sandy) Ciaramitaro, author of The Good Eggs children's book series. I am extremely excited to begin this blog and I know you will enjoy reading it! : ) This Blog is For Everyone Whether you're a parent, grandparent, teacher, aunt, uncle, family friend, older sibling or WHOEVER, chances are you have come or will come into contact with young people as they journey into adulthood. This blog is meant to help you encourage Virtues, Diversity, and Service in your young person. Exciting Trilogy The Good Eggs is a three-part children's trilogy (ages 5 - 12 years), that takes kids on relevant situations in their lives, adventures, and community projects over the course of three years. The main characters are Seggourney, Reggie, Megg, Greggory, Peggy, and Benedict, and their teacher is Ms. Poach (yes, they all have "egg" in their name in one form or another!)

I will be posting just about weekly to The Good Eggs Blog, which will follow the books chapter by chapter. Each book starts in September, which is why now is a perfect time! Each entry will be a quick read - 1-2 minutes; just enough to start or end your day!

Ready for some fun? I know you'll love the Eggs as much as I do! Let's get started next week with The Good Eggs, Book 1, Virtues!

See you then - and thanks for being a Good Egg! Wishing you all GOOD things, Sandy

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