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Campus of Hope

One of my favorite sports-oriented films is the 1989 baseball classic Field of Dreams starring Kevin Costner. You may remember that Ray (Costner) hears a whispering “if you build it, he will come” in his Iowa cornfield that suggests his vision can come true. Sure enough baseball star “Shoeless” Joe Jackson suddenly appears and Ray has all the confidence he needs to turn a cornfield into a first-class baseball diamond, fulfilling a dream of his to play baseball with his father and many all-star players of the era.

It is my pleasure to introduce a modern, real-life Ray Kinsella that is building his own field of dreams in Farmington Hills, Michigan, with some very dedicated supporters and volunteers. In the podcast today, you will hear from a great guy that is passionate about helping others and is fulfilling his 3rd Act by building CARES of Farmington Hills into a multi-purpose campus that is supporting families in need. My podcast guest today is Todd Lipa, Executive Director of CARES. I have no doubt that you will share my enthusiasm for his Campus of Hope as we explore his plans and dreams for CARES - Community, Action, Resources, Empowerment, Services.

Todd is the right guy with the right mission to drive CARES forward by providing many of the family-oriented services needed by folks that are struggling with the current economic conditions. Food security currently is the top priority and you will hear Todd tell the story about how they maintained their free food pantry throughout the pandemic using a unique food model they provide for families in many suburbia communities surrounding Farmington Hills.

You will also hear Todd share his thoughts about the kindness of volunteers and the amazing experience borne from the unimaginable conditions of the past year. I was energized to hear Todd talk about how city officials and volunteers who were once skeptical, now believe CARES is an essential organization and is quietly becoming their “campus of hope.” This renaissance of mindset is the beginning of meaningful progress that is driving a purpose shared by more and more constituents in the community.

Please take a few minutes to hear about the wonderful mission that Todd and his executives are building on the beautiful 10.5-acre grounds of the former Catholic Church of St. Alexander’s. I have no doubt you will want to be a part of his dreams and plans for the future.

Also, please check out all the services on the CARES website: If you are interested in volunteering please register on the website or contact Todd directly: Todd L. Lipa, Executive Director, email: phone: 248-231-8493

If you would like to support and donate to CARES, please contribute on the donation link provided….

P.S. A big thank you goes out to Elaine Grohman for the introduction to CARES of Farmington Hills. Thanks, Elaine, for your continued support of the 3rd Act.

Enjoy the podcast!


Make a difference today!

My friend Kimber Bishop-Yanke has a fundraising effort for a single mom that needs our help. She is raising $16,000 for a mobile home to relocate this mom, a victim of domestic violence, who is currently living with her 4 children in a two-bedroom, 37-year-old trailer full of black mold and holes in the floor. One bedroom is for her autistic son; the other 4 are sharing the second bedroom. Please consider a donation of $50/$100 to Kimber’s Facebook fundraising effort. I would love for 100 compassionate community members, young and old, to donate $50 that will make a big difference and help a mom in need.


Thank you for your continued support. Enjoy the first days of spring!

Roger N. Steed

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