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Big Heart That Gets Things Done

It takes a special person to take on difficult and taxing issues for folks struggling to find food and shelter. One of the finest individuals I have had the privilege to get to know over the past two years is Kimber Bishop-Yanke. Kimber is an unbelievable advocate for children and seniors in Oakland County, Michigan. She has an incredible amount of energy and compassion for families who need a helping hand and don’t know who to call or how to get things accomplished.

Many in the 3rd Act community are aware of Kimber’s leadership and the great work she does daily to help families who don’t have access to shelters and food banks and are left homeless to deal with small children who need care and support. I am pleased to have Kimber join me on the podcast this week to get an update on the homeless situation in our community.

We will discuss the priorities of the Oakland County Task Force on Poverty and Homelessness and get a better understanding of the political and individual effort needed to get some relief to those suffering without housing and other necessities that we often take for granted. The reality is that the homeless situation will not get any better without more support from the community.

This podcast is perfect for anyone that has a desire to volunteer for the upcoming holidays and is looking for a productive and inspiring way to give back to others. Kimber will review all of the great programs she is quarterbacking and let you know where you can help. She will discuss her growing Adopt a Family for Christmas program as well as a winter coat drive with the Oakland County Sheriff’s office. And she will talk about a crowd-funding competition where she is seeking donors to kick off the competition and give her team the top prize.

You will also hear some amazing stories of how introductions through food deliveries and Easter basket drives have led to some wonderful relationships between volunteers and families in need. I will include a newspaper article below that tells a great story about the efforts of Sandi Marshall who worked with the Oakland County Sheriff’s Department to build out a great community room for child custody meetings in Pontiac. Please take a minute to realize all the great work being created by these new connections.

Importantly, Kimber will also discuss her day job as a counselor and coaching specialist for social and emotional issues boys and girls are facing in uncomfortable school environments. Find out about some of the fun and engaging workshops she puts on to help these kids deal with tough personal situations. For anyone that would like to talk to Kimber about her workshops, please call her at (248) 840-9858 or reach out at

Please take a minute to listen to our informative podcast. Thank you Kimber for all that you do!

Have a great Thanksgiving and enjoy your family,

Roger N. Steed

Adopt a Family:


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