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Beyond Giving Tuesday

By the time you read this blog Giving Tuesday 11/30 will have come and gone. I suspect if you are reading my newsletters and listening to my podcasts you received numerous requests for your donations and volunteer time this past Tuesday. I also suspect if you have given generously in the past you may be a little overwhelmed and confused by all the wonderful nonprofits that hit your email and social media outlets.

I would like to refresh your mind with a few suggestions today that I hope you will take in the right spirit of the season. First, before my suggestions, if you have given to your favorite charity or individual making a difference in your town or across the country you deserve a big thank you and pat on the back for following your heart and doing whatever feels good to you and your family. Every good deed toward the benefit of others is wonderful and a true act of kindness.

My suggestions come under one general idea that often gets left out of the solicitations of donations that surround ‘Giving Tuesday.’ One of my priorities for the 3rd Act is to promote nonprofits and individuals that are helping individuals and families that fall below the level of support provided by our favorite charities. I hope I can inspire some interest and research to find those individuals and organizations that are focused on helping the person or family that doesn’t have a house or a car, their kids are sleeping on the floor, and they are basically isolated from services.

Importantly, the need for good food or a bed to sleep on continues for those suffering well beyond ‘Giving Tuesday.’ Today, I am bringing to your attention two organizations we have introduced to you before that are really making a difference for those families needing our help.

Kimber Bishop-Yanke’s has a number of ways to contribute to families in need from now through the end of the year. I have attached a copy of her most recent email communication to her followers that provides some awesome stories of many volunteers stepping up to help as well as some ways you can get involved. Please check out her informative email below.


Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! A short and sweet update.

We have approx 142 families adopted for Christmas. At least 100 more to go depending on how many wish lists we receive. Please how us get the word out for this grassroots effort! Sign up or share with co-workers and friends at: *****9 days left until the competition to see which small non-profit can raise the most funds! Email me to let me know if you are willing to make a donation on December 6th so we can come out of the gate STRONG! Crowdfunding Fundraiser Dec 6-10th You can always donate at *****Book Buddies- need book buddies for kids to read to through Facetime or Zoom. Our volunteers are doing so many things I can't keep up! Here are a few updates.

Our elves have been busy!

Thank you Evelyn Gerson for delivering a Christmas tree to this family along the many other things she delivers and helps with every week.

We do have a couple of families that need trees and decorations if you have any extra!

If you remember over 8 months ago, I shared that on a Friday night the police showed up to a house with a mom and two kids because the smoke alarm would not stop going off. The police condemned the house on the spot because there was no working oven or fridge (mom had a voucher to pay rent for the house and the Landlord did not maintain the house). Kids only had one mattress on the floor. There were no dressers, so clothes were on the floor. They had several cats and the cats had peed on the clothing. Mom and kids became homeless and ended up in a hotel paid for by a church. Several months later mom found a place. Our volunteers moved all the furniture in. One volunteer Jenna B. has continued to take the family groceries each week and to help them out in many ways.

The most amazing way is that the mom shared that she wanted to get her GED. So, Jenna has helped support mom with this goal and she is taking GED classes. We are paying for babysitting so she can go to school! How amazing is this!!!

Four beds installed in the last week to help four girls who were sleeping on the floor. Thank you Bryan King, Steve Fraser, and Roger Steed for your time and muscle. Thank you Kyle Ann Murphy, Cristina Lupu, one anonymous donor, and Sam and Becky Misuraca of Building Beds 4 Kids for making this good deed happen!

Volunteer Kate S. was busy Thanksgiving preparing sides for several families and cooking a turkey for the homeless mom and kids we were supporting in a hotel. I was able to get CERA funds to cover their hotel now while mom looks for a place.

Like so many, mom and kids were evicted because their lease ran out. It didn't matter that the family had lived there 5 years and mom paid rent on time. Because of the housing shortage, landlords have raised their rents.

Thank you for supporting our grassroots effort to support our neighbors in need! Kimber Bishop-Yanke Founder, Kids Empowered On the Move 5013c


Share Detroit is a Detroit metro organization that spreads its net of support to numerous small nonprofits in our community. Today, they support 254 small and mid-size nonprofits surrounding Detroit and have extended their ‘Giving Tuesday’ support through the end of the year. They are donating $3,000 each Tuesday to small nonprofits in their network. The 3rd Act is enthusiastic to be a sponsor for this great way to extend a helping hand to those small organizations that are reaching the folks that need our help throughout the holidays. Please check out their website linked below for more information about their extended ‘Giving Tuesday’ campaign.

It feels really good to help those that need our support the most. Shake off the confusion and think about stepping up to expand your kindness for others.

Blessings to you and your family, Roger N. Steed

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