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Better Than Yesterday!

One of the benefits of getting more involved with social media over the past two years is that I’ve discovered some amazing people and their personal stories. I have enjoyed many of these encounters since starting the 3rd Act and I am pleased to announce that through one of these, I met this week’s podcast guest, Steven Dowd, a disabled motivational speaker that lives in London.

Steven experienced one of those devastating events that completely altered his life and everyday routine. In 2016, during his morning commute, he was involved in a freak cycling accident that left him paralyzed below the neck and immediately took away his zest for life. Waking up in the hospital and not being able to move presented a bleak future that he didn’t want to live through.

You will hear an inspiring and compelling story of how, with the help of a research trial from Wings of Life-Spinal Cord Research Foundation, he slowly found the will to live again and redirected his life to helping others facing debilitating events in their lives.

One of the major reasons that I was drawn to Steven’s story was the abrupt nature of the cycling accident that literally changed his life in one quick moment. One minute you are on your way to work, the next you’re lying in the hospital unable to move a muscle. It definitely fits the expression we hear often to not take anything for granted because everything could change in a nanosecond.

Steven’s story has many chapters and I want you to hear about all of them. Today, he is a motivational speaker for international corporate audiences, providing advice for others suffering life-altering tragedies. He is also a major fundraiser for Wings of Life Spinal Cord Research Foundation and all the wonderful research and therapy targeting a cure for spinal cord injury.

Finally, Steven is the charity challenge creator of the EnduRow Challenge - the world’s biggest, fully inclusive live indoor-rowing charity event. As he states, Everyone, Everywhere, Pulling together. Fundraising for spinal cord research. I can’t wait for you to hear about this global event and explore how we can participate in some of his great events in the future.

Due to the time change, our podcast will be recorded early Friday before you read this blog. Please circle back next week to listen to our podcast and hear a truly inspirational story of crisis management and Steven’s advice for all of us to chart a meaningful and purpose-driven life.

All the best to you and your family,

Roger N. Steed

Tony and Vicki Bumpas with Delisa Herbert.

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What "Back to School" Means for Children in Foster Care

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If you'd like to donate or volunteer click the link below.

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