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Bestowing Second Chances in OKC

I get excited when I am introduced to someone new that has found their purpose in life and is making things happen in a meaningful way. Last Saturday morning I talked to Delisa Herbert for 20 minutes before she opened her thrift store in Oklahoma City. Delisa is living one of those marvelous stories of reinvention and is dedicating her work and ministry today to help recently incarcerated men and women who are seeking a job, a hot meal, and a place to live.

This woman on the move runs a store called Second Chances Thrift. The shop was initially set up to help women who were coming out of prison, coming out of bad situations, living on the streets, and/or were involved in all sorts of illegal activities. Today, her scope and mission include helping men and women seeking second chances from any troubled history and finding a sanctuary of hope and possibilities for a job and reentry program that is making a difference.

I am pleased to tell you that Delisa will be sharing a podcast with me on Friday, September 3. I can’t wait to introduce you to this fantastic lady and provide a spotlight on her reimagined life and the gift she is providing so many in need.

Delisa gave me permission to provide just a glimpse of what makes her story so compelling and worthy of your time. Think about this set of ‘lifequakes’ that has shaped her life. Her mother sold her for $1,200 when she was 13 years old. She was involved in prostitution and ran an escort service. She has been stabbed, shot, and left for dead on the street. She spent 15 years in prison before finding purpose in her life through God, in one of those “Wow” moments.

Finally, one of the reasons we set the podcast for early September is because Delisa is receiving a community service award in Oklahoma City in a few weeks and I want to hear all about it on the podcast.

Please mark your calendar for this upcoming event.


Stay tuned...

I have received several requests recently from new acquaintances to provide my story about what the 3rd Act is all about and talk about my vision and passion for the endeavor. I thought the best way to provide a glimpse into my history and new purpose in my life was to provide the podcast I did with Clay Boykin last February called the ‘Energy of Do’. This is both an audio and video podcast, so anyone who hasn’t seen me in a few years might be surprised by my new look and demeanor. Please be kind and think of one of the key attributes for the 3rd Act - “Compassion”. I would like to thank everyone that is supporting the cause to help spotlight great work by wonderful people doing great things for others. Please keep those cards and emails coming in with new ideas about people and organizations we can help. Please look for the ‘Energy of Do’ podcast next week. I will be in Colorado then, listening to some good music and getting in a little mountain golf. Take care and talk to you soon. Roger N. Steed

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