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Are You Wasting Your Giftedness?

I don’t know about you but this is a pretty big question to answer honestly. Are you wasting your Giftedness? Personal and probing all in one little self-examination. It packs a punch as they say. I’ll let you think about that for a second.

My podcast guest today certainly answered the question for herself as she heard her pastor pose the question to his congregation. She told me it felt like God was speaking to her directly. She not only took the question to heart but she made a personal plan that particular Sunday to help homeless and broken people find purpose in their lives.

I invite you to hear an amazing story of reinvention and love for your brothers and sisters from a wonderful woman who is helping folks dealing with homelessness, addiction, and mental disorders due to recent incarceration and homeless situations.

Delisa Herbert is a marvel and terrific example to all of us that we can make a difference in this crazy world if we have the willpower and guts to make it happen.

Delisa will share an unbelievable story of turning her so-called sick and troubled life around in a profound and loving effort to help others by starting her Second Chances Thrift Store in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. She will describe the conditions and addiction she dealt with as a young woman along with the horrible cycle of street life and incarceration she experienced for a major portion of her life.

It is not easy to adjust to a normal lifestyle after any form of incarceration for a period of time. Delisa knows this because she lived it for so long.

You will be amazed at the second chances Delisa bestows on people every day from her own loving ministry - her thrift store. It is really startling to hear Delisa describe what she provides every person that comes in her store needing food, housing, and a job after years of prison and street life.

Delisa needs our help. She needs furniture, appliances, and good clothing that she can sell in her store to raise funds for her friends. She has a truck available if needed to pick up these donated items. She also needs volunteers who can help prepare lunches and help her stock the store.

Finally, I am thrilled to share that Delisa was recently selected by 405 Magazine as a 2021 HER Award Winner. Her dedication and work will be featured in the October edition of the magazine, with a formal presentation to follow. Congratulations Delisa!

***A Big thank you to Tony and Vicki Bumpas for the introduction to Delisa and Second Chances Thrift.

Enjoy the podcast….

Please call the office directly, 405-470-6530,

to donate items and volunteer your time.

To donate to Second Chances Thrift and to get involved

with other opportunities please click below.

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