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A Girl Like Me

Sunday morning I had the opportunity to meet a special individual that survived a harsh ‘lifequake’ moment when she was a teenager. Life often throws many unexpected realities at us and often tests our spirit and perseverance to make life purposeful. Tyra Moore was a teenage mom at 15. She was terrified to tell her mom and gave birth to her daughter the same week she finally broke the news. After the shock wore off, support came from all of her family, friends, and community, providing essential baby needs at a critical time.

After graduating high school, Tyra attended a phlebotomy training center and then began working. She promised herself that one day she would pay it forward by helping young teenage moms like herself get through those tough times. Tyra started a nonprofit in June of 2020 and called it ‘A Girl Like Me, Inc.’ and now devotes all her time to helping girls, teens, and teen moms.

I met Tyra Sunday through an introduction from my friend Janette Phillips of ShareDetroit. Janette was drawn to Tyra’s nonprofit through the Bloomfield Hills Rotary Club where Janet is an active member and past president. Also at the pop-up distribution site Sunday were Susan Bellefleur, current Rotary Club president, and Jeff Bellefleur, Club secretary. They were busy helping Tyra set up this event in Detroit, where teens, moms, and teen moms can come by and pick up free baby supplies and essentials.

To my 3rd Act friends, please check out the additional services and items listed above that are needed to complete this great evening for Tyra’s teen moms. Any donations are welcome to help make this a special night. Transportation and photography support would also be greatly appreciated.

Tyra and A Girl Like Me, Inc. are planning to have several major events throughout the year to support these young women. One of Tyra’s major efforts for teens and teen moms is focused on her mentoring program. She believes it is important to help Girls, Teens, and Teen Moms to learn about the very important topics listed below:

  • Bullying/Domestic Violence

  • CPR—First Aid

  • Finances/Budgeting

  • Family/Friend Relationships

  • Mental Health

  • Nutrition

  • Personal Hygiene

  • Pregnancy/Pregnancy Prevention

  • Self-Care

  • Self-Esteem

  • Sexual Activity/STD’s

  • Vision Boards

They also offer Books, Journal Writing, A Girl Like Me Talks, Field Trips, Community Outreach and Educational Baby Classes to their moms.

Please check out the A Girl Like Me, Inc. website for important information, pictures, and major sponsors.

I hope the 3rd Act can be an important supporter of their future endeavors. Thank you for your time and attention.

Roger N. Steed

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