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Welcome to 3rd Act

The mission of 3rd Act is to shine a spotlight on individuals, charities, and small business owners that are suffering from illness, economic shutdown, or lack of support and funding.   We engage in meaningful conversation and dialogue that generates compassion and financial support from readers and listeners and compels them to join this journey and share life experiences that improve the lives of others.

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The Time is Now

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3rd Act's mission is to spotlight individuals, charities and small businesses that need a helping hand due to economic carnage and reduced alternatives to increase cash necessary to continue operating or just make it through a month of living expenses. The spotlight is focused on highlighting worthy people who have been struggling with the financial resources necessary to keep a business going. To feed and shelter folks that have been relegated to difficult living conditions due to reduced funding from food banks, churches, and other charitable organizations that have seen their donations dwindle due to economic uncertainties across the country.


3rd Act is passionate about helping individuals in need of financial assistance. Witnessing 40 years of unequal education and employment opportunities for worthy individuals that have less opportunity to improve their lives through steady employment and financial security there is a definite need for financial education and assistance to support those individuals that are struggling. 3rd Act's desire is to provide a platform for individuals and charities by engaging in an in-depth conversation that highlights the need and support mechanisms available for financial support through direct funding or helping to organize fund raising campaigns.

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Now is the time to step up and make a contribution to the lives of those suffering most in this difficult economy. It is not a surprise to anyone paying attention to realize that the economic hardship caused by the spread of the COVID-19 virus and mandated closure of many small businesses is immense and has resulted in many worthwhile small charities to experience extreme lack of funding from annual campaigns and fund raising efforts.

"Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does"

William James

Join Me

I am a 66 year old Covid-19 survivor that realized after four weeks of love and support from family and friends that now is the time to give back and pay it forward to individuals less fortunate that are still reeling from the virus, the economic shutdown, and just bad luck from lack of financial support and assistance. I realize after 40 years in the investment arena that life is not fair and there are substantial imbalances in our country that rely on the kindness and financial support of others to restart a business, find a job, deal with a debilitating illness, or just get through the day with food and shelter.  I certainly appreciate this as I move into my 3rd Act on this planet. I believe my experiences and contacts from Oklahoma, Texas, London, Wall Street, and now the great state of Michigan will provide a nucleus of friends that share my passion to help others and will spur a journey that all of us can get behind and provide helping hands to those needing a little compassion and assistance to get on with a better life.  

Roger N. Steed

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